Tournament Club Offers 2018

During 2018 we will be running tennis tournaments at:


  • Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre  
  • Plus any venue that signs up to our programme


Offers all tennis clubs:

  • LTA Adult, Junior or Mini Tennis Tournaments          (LTA Rated)


  • ‘Fun Day’ Tournaments  Adults or Juniors                  (non-LTA Rated)



These events will be officiated


by LTA Tournament Referees



Everything you need to improve your club’s competitive structure.


Club benefits include:

  1. Recognition of events to offer current members and prospective new members an opportunity to access a professionally organised tournament at their home club.
  2. Receive income from our 'Tournament Booking Fee' for each tournament your club hosts.
  3. Promotion of each event on the Vivian Tennis Tournament Tour 2018 page on the website.
  4. Boost your membership activities with regular events that do not need to be run by a club/committee member.
  5. Vivian Tennis supplies: equipment, balls, the organiser, prizes and the promotion of the events externally (both on the LTA website and our website plus our own database of players)


Your club supplies:

  1. The courts for use during the tournament
  2. Refreshments and toilet facilities as required
  3. Internal club advertising for your own membership


Please email  to discuss the details further.

Or call Phil Vivian on 07951 140 086



If your club is aiming to apply for LTA Club-Mark, or is currently operating the

Club-Mark, then competition tennis is a major requirement for this.