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Lesson Options....What will you choose?

When booking a tennis lesson consider the type of lesson that would suit your needs the best. 


Individual Lessons Teaching Technical, Tactical and Psychological Training.

Learning to apply your technique to the outcome of each stroke based on the tactical requirement you need.

Improve all of your skills to suit your style of play.

This type of lesson is great for all levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)


Phil's Drills (2-6 Players)

Technical and tactical development programme to suit individuals and small groups of players. Footwork patterns, tactical development, stroke preparation, improving fitness and competitive goal setting. 



Individual Lesson of Fitness Training Drills (1 Player)

develop a higher level of fitness by working out in the drill based session. A personal aerobics lesson for you.



Off-Court Lesson (during inclement weather or injury issues) (1 Player)

If the conditions are not suitable for playing, or you have an injury at the time of the lesson, we can conduct an off-court teaching lesson based on technical principles, tactical understanding, patterns-of-play, personal development appreciation, video analysis and anything else you wish to add.

These can be conducted at the club, via whatsapp or by phone, whichever is suitable at the time. This enables you to have the mental teaching section of the lesson without the physical activity due to the circumstances.



Individual Lesson Built Around Mental Health Wellbeing (1 Player)

Improve your confidence, proactive and reactive responses and problem solving processes whilst having a fun-packed session getting fitter every time you play.

Put work and life stresses to one side and come and have a controlled game of tennis!



Buddy-Hitter/Match-play Sessions (1-2 Players)

Everyone needs to practice more than they play matches, but it is difficult to practice what you want to do if the player you are hitting with cannot or does not want to do that. This is where our Buddy-Hitting lesson comes in. You tell me what you want to do and we will run the session based on that. For instance, you may want to do an hour's serving and have somebody return the shots in order for you to practice playing out the point tactically. I can advise on the best form of achieving the requirements you are looking for to get the best results. Or alternatively you may just want to play a practice set to try out options for your gameplans. You choose!



Shared Lessons with Family, Friend or another Tennis Member of Similar Standards (2 Players)

Share a lesson and the cost too. Similar to the options above but with the added extra of teaching you how to practice together to get the best results. Couples, with your children or just a way to meet new people at the club.

You can have a match assessment session with a friend. I will match-chart the game for you so you can understand and process your game better. This is a great way to find out what actually happened in the game. For instance, number of 1st serves in, serving placement, number of winners, number of errors, approaches to the net and success rate.

Plus a conclusion from me on your match! 



Doubles Lessons (3-4 Players)

Learn tactics, court positioning and communication skills. How to cover the court for the best results. Keep the same 4 players or alternate in a group to practice variations of opponents styles of play. A great way to develop your understanding of tactics based on your ability to apply them!



Open Groups (5-12 Players)

Learn tactics, technical skills and best ways to practice together in a social tennis class. Meet new friends and hitting partners whilst you learn in a fun and enthusiastic way with plenty of tennis information to improve your game.



Cardio Tennis Drills Sessions (3-12 Players)

Get fit!!! Learn technique, tactical play and footwork skills whilst working up a sweat on court! Great fun and energy and a great way for all levels to learn together! 



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