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Prince Tennis Strings

Prince Perfection £33

Perfection in a string! Super soft multifilament string for maximum power & comfort. Perfect for players searching for an arm-friendly, power string. Gauge 17/1.25mm & 16/1.30mm


Prince Premier Touch £30

As such it is a great option for any player looking for maximum comfort and shock absorption. Power is medium-high for a multifilament string, making it great for any player who wants easy access to depth. Especially for those who place a premium on comfort. Try this thinner gauge for more spin and feel. Gauges 17/1.25mm & 16/1.30mm


Prince Tour XP £30

With a unique thermopoly design, Tour XP is perfect for the advanced player looking for control and spin of a polyester string with the added benefit of 'Xtra Power'

Gauges 17/1.25mm, 16/1.30mm, 15L 1.35mm



Prince Topspin £28

Topspin with Duraflex string provides texture for added spin and control in a heavier gauge string.

Gauge 15L/1.38mm





Prince Pro Blend £28

Pro Blend with Duraflex provides the ultimate durability of Kevlar (mains) and Duraflex (crosses) minimizes string breakage.

Gauge 16/1.30mm


Prince Synthetic Gut + Duraflex  £26

With its excellent all-around playability, it is one of the best value strings of all time. Although it is not quite as soft and lively as a multifilament string, this solid core synthetic offers plenty of comfort along with decent power. Compared to Prince Synthetic Gut Original, this string is slightly firmer and more durable. 


Prince Synthetic Gut £26

Prince Synthetic Gut Original is the standard for consistent, comfortable, all-around performance. Very user friendly on the arm.

Gauge 16/1.30mm


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