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HEAD Tennis Strings



HEAD Hawk Touch £30

This highly durable HAWK TOUCH Tour string is designed for high-level players who are looking for strings that provide ultimate touch and accurate feedback for their versatile game. (Dark Grey)



HEAD Hawk £30

Made for high-level players, as used by professional tennis players. HAWK strings provide the perfect balance between power and control.

(Grey or White)

HEAD Lynx Tour £26


The unique hexagonal design of this co-polyester provides the ultimate blend of control and spin. (Black)



HEAD Lynx Edge £26

The Lynx Edge string comes in an hectagon shape that provides extra spin to the aggressive and versatile topspin players.

(Bright Blue)



HEAD Sonic Pro £26

The monofilament SONIC PRO string is designed for club players who need a durable, comfortable string.

(Black or White)

HEAD Synthetic Gut £26

Plenty of feel, good on the arm and playability is excellent for all levels of player.


HEAD Master £22

Core with multifilament wrap

High tensile strength co-polymer core with a multifilament single wrap.

Added coating to reduce friction.

Synthtic Gut string with feel & power, offering added durability. (Natural)




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