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String It!

Can supply and fit Replacement grips and Overgrips for you.

Approximate cost if we supply the grip is £6 for a Replacement grip and £3 for an Overgrip. If the customer supplies the grip then we will fit it FREE of charge.

Grip Sizes Explained


There are a couple of ways you can measure the correct grip size for you.

Firstly, if you measure from your lifeline on your palm up to the tip of your big finger, then that is your grip size for your racket!

Remember to take into consideration that if you always apply an over-grip, then allow for a size down on what you need.

Secondly, if you grip a tennis handle in a shake hands position, then you should be able to put your spare hand index finger between the tips of your fingers and your hand. If they are touching the grip is way too small for you.

It is important that you try and choose a grip that suits you, when in doubt go for a smaller size, you can always add over-grips afterwards.

Grip sizes are as follows:

Grip 1 = 4 1/8

Grip 2 = 4 1/4

Grip 3 = 4 3/8

Grip 4 = 4 1/2

Grip 5 = 4 5/8

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